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Arabcoder 1001 nights moving project

June 7, 2011

My photo is unavailable, sorry

Perfume Arabe

Melhore a fonte

Take a look in the Shibatch code, and search on for more advanced fft(fast fourier transform, and also slow fourier transform)

Update safe C programming

Fix IMPRIMIR for size.

Our software is developed due to:     
The TTL Data Book for Design Engineers. 1st Ed. Dallas: Texas Instruments. 1973

RSP Software?

Plesk or Cpanle, web administration tool but free, far far away in the future…

information: the MP3 DLL will be able to play CD directly soon, just tomorrow

aquele jazz que voce gosta mais não sabe o nome da musica
rspgain Develop?
RSPmfce Develop?
LZMA as bzip and zlib?
Aprender arabe? ?



June 5, 2011

RSP MP3 DLL moving project

Announced support to Monkey audio, Flac, AAC, MP4

We are creating a standard for access to any decoder
that will make it possible to add any new media format
in an easy way, the AAC and MP4 will be the first to
use this interface.

A better jpeg

June 3, 2011

I am working on enhancements of the jpeg compression quality or speed, it will be available soon as the new project, to be available soon

Information about old releases of the MP3 DLL

June 3, 2011

Versions below the lattest official release on cannot play mono files correctly, please, update your software using our MP3 DLL to the lattest release

And a lot of enhancements was done in this release, and we are adding support to playback of wav pcm in 24, 32 bits and FLOAT, also support to the playback of aac and mp4 files

Download at: