update.c 118532


-1 Price Tag Jessie J

0- Impossible - Shontelle

3- remember, technology are not allowed to fail...
7- replace the code for ini utilization varios sources
, add binary support to it
19- Today Was a Fairytale
20- available at 
D:\Arquivos Salvos Gazi\Disco local C;\back\gazi2
24- add the code to backup on pen-drives in all 
detected devices, but decide whether it is safe
28- why link?
6- the new site for counters -) looks stable, 
replace the old code with this one, as usual, 
but thanks to for so many 
years of free service
44- use outlook express on arab and caligrafia 
arab each month at least

61- Keep an archive of the Todo list, 100 last 
entries at least
79- fix for dprintf required
104- learn spanish, german, arab
41- each week test for ftp at svansa1
42- FireFTP, firefox ftp client
47- block requinte and patricia
47.1- update hotelaria to make search for 
clients and new block system
49- bug found on hotelaria, it cannot show 
the whole list of clients in the database 
for an unexpected reason
54- So fine, Sean Paul
55- trinity, is your name now, but you 
look more like Bud Spencer
56- on the floor, Jennifer Lopez
57- nighshift
58- trinity watch 'assassino à preço fixo'
62- ok12 said: 'dear santa, I wish some 
clothes to the naked girls on dad´s computer'
68- the P.J. Plauger and Jim Brodie html files 
teach you how to access different points of 
the same html page
71- how memory is allocated in Standard C

	static char temp2[300];//heap
	char temp3[300];//stack
	char*temp="ola";//heap, but not 
        //writable in some cases in different 
        //machines and processors, at least on win98

72- Piano in the Dark, Brenda Russell
73- Only Time, Enya.
74- Tonight (I'm Lovin' You), Enrique 
ibn Iglesias
77- What the Hell, Avril
78- fix
79- fix 
,the reference back to the site is wrong
80- fix
81- fix
82- fix
110- fix
114- use notepad on yahoo for C development, or
116- 	If U Seek Amy
117- updating project rspdb at:



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