Arabcoder TODO List


Monday 15/ADHAR/2011 PM 12:33, by arab

Remember, all our software will fail miserably after 2038, and it will neither load after 2030, for the moment, the fix will follow soon


arabcoder todo list

1- remove assert invalid calls in rspcutil project
2- update ok12
3- copy ok12 to
4- search for php indent offline
5- whirpool anubis mp3 improvements
6- add possibility to create and load plugins for mp3 dll and ocx
7- replace the code for ini utilization varios sources
9- send email to ‘I am using a lot of ideas that come from bass, have a good day and keep the good work’
11- if possible merge ogg and mp3 in the mp3 dll, inform it at least
13- add forum support to mp3 dll at least, if not contact
14- discover what is the old name of that wavemapper improvement that you made, it is smart something, if someone remember the name send it to me
15- add rspbignum to, it is in c:\al\back\bignum
16- search for powertoys for win95, you will need it when running on windows 7, don´t forget it
17- verify if formatter on sourceforge can format flopies too, if not, please update, yes, someone may be using an old PC then win95 and win98 is important at all, humm…
18- see and port it to C
19- derder and bigorrilho available at D:\Arquivos Salvos Gazi\Disco local C;\back\Distribuir\sources
20- available at D:\Arquivos Salvos Gazi\Disco local C;\back\gazi2
21- add tar.lzma extract to tar.gzip dll, ok
22- verify whether the hostdime supports sftp, and report hostdime bug
23- add phpindent to, check the name first, it is Nomad now
24- add the code to backup on pen-drives in all detected devices, but decide whether it is safe
25- think about what you will do to the long list of todo in wordpress in a near future
26- add function link to the rspcutil project, it is in phpindent project
27- dont forget, remember, gcc
28- UPDATE index.html to point to new web page primary, replace index.html on svansa1
29- sincronize chrome settings
30- to configure color of notepad++ go to Settings, Style Configurator, Global styles, Default style, and voila, don´t do this
33- finish reading data inside old smartboard
35- update rspini with a new additional mode that make the data readable and editable
35.0- inform about future adress and country change, hya ha ha ha ha
35.1- add a safe code to check for files, in read mode,exist and writable
36- the new site for counters -) looks stable, replace the old code with this one, as usual
37- the new homepage
39- add to the long list of mirrors
40- never forget Angelfire
41- each week test for ftp at svansa1
43- expose blog on the main.html page
44- use outlook express on arab and caligrafia arab each month at least
45- we will bankrupt in the same day that Microsoft and Yahoo bankrupt
46- saudosa maloca
47- there are todo list with information to be merged at Ghazi machine
48- my nickname at 95 was `mad horse´, because I was clicking in everything I can see in front of me
49- what is the inverted ? in the spanish laguage, the character, what is it?
51- inform the limitations of your software, if you dare……..
52- in Japan the technology has failed, but here the technology never failed
53- talk about Claudia
54- report Chrome bugs to Microsoft
55- I will listen to this song the day that SourceForge.NET delete our new primary homepage at
56- report bug to yahoo, the date at Notepad was in the Brazilian time, they need to show it at least the name of the month in english, portuguese or arabic
57- I will cry for a whole year the day that http://SourceForge.NET destroy our new primary homepage there
58- I remember yet the day that Tripod deleted …, it was a whole year of cry, in the reality I am yet crying
59- your counter is in 43035, 14/3/11 10:40
60- create a new version of the time project for real date without html or C on it, when possible, of course
61- Keep an archive of the Todo list
62- Adoniran Barbosa
63- send e-mail to your very old friends, remember, counter, winsite, regsoft…
64- never forget your grampa Odemar and Alvin (or Alvino)
65- report all your bugs that you find at youtube
66- decide whether you will keep the background of toc.htm the way it is now
67- report bug date at
68- report various C bugs to K&R
69- inform that the primary homepage will never vanish again
70- when updating the time code show the whole date complete really, if possible
71- I forget what I would write this line
72- remember that you don´t think twice to destroy something to solve a problem
73- fast edit of files, just remove the whole internet path, do it now
74- contact Bighost when possible
75- formatter.htm has the source for collect payments from the web via paypal
76- , for this and other things I want to learn arabic
77- update time_C and time_html today
78- ADHAR is the March month in arabic
79- fix for dprintf required
80- read the whole ‘agenda do trabalho’ and from home too, now go lunch
81- Tonight (I’m Lovin’ You ) enrique iglesias
82- report bug to skype
83- when posting bugs on this blog tell the whole story, maybe someone is also reading it and may help the report of the error or missing feature
84- Padgen?
85- remember little company
68- format with the ok12 page for better appearence when possible
87- stoped on mirrors.htm
88- This software is GPL 3 now, no need for registration in order to use it
89- don´t appear to be reliable, replace it
90- explain about the mp3 decoder lost in 2000 and missing improvements yet
91- use gmtime for GMT time on time project
92- Nomad is the new name for phpindent
93- new project , take a look
94- report bug to Realtek, sound cannot be heard when moving sliders
95- see whether the Notepad++ developers solved your demands, the missing DOS codeset
96- report bug to youtube, carnaval advertise is yet there…, and yet today
97- read your newsletters
98- I am working hard as usual
99- chrome off-line install for your pleasure
100- google forum for chrome
101- detect the limits for notepad from yahoo


Copyright (C) |2011| RSPsoftware

Our software is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or by
(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
along with this program. If not, see ||.


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