Arabcoder Todo list


/* Sun Mar 13 10:07 2011 , by arab */


arabcoder todo list

1- remove assert invalid calls in rspcutil project
2- update ok12
3- copy ok12 to
4- search for php indent offline
5- whirpool anubis mp3 improvements
6- add possibility to create and load plugins for mp3 dll and ocx
7- replace the code for ini utilization varios sources
9- send email to ‘I am using a lotof ideas that come from bass, have a good day and keep the good work’
11- if possible merge ogg and mp3 in the mp3 dll
13- add forum support to mp3 dll at least,if not contact
14- discover what is the old name of that wavemapper improvement that you made, it is smart something
15- add rspbignum to, it is in c:\al\back\bignum
16- search for powertoys for win95, you will need it when running on windows 7
17- verify if formatter on sourceforge can format flopies too, if not, please update
18- see and port it to C
19- derder and bigorrilho available at D:\Arquivos Salvos Gazi\Disco local C;\back\Distribuir\sources
20- available at D:\Arquivos Salvos Gazi\Disco local C;\back\gazi2
21- add tar.lzma extract to tar.gzip dll
22- verify whether the hostdime supports sftp
23- add phpindent to, check the name first
24- add the code to backup on pen-drives in all detected devices
26- add function link to the rspcutil project, it is in phpindent project
27- dont forget, remember, gcc
28- UPDATE index.html to point to new web page primary, replace index.html on svansa1
29- sincronize chrome settings
30- to configure color of notepad++ go to Settings, Style Configurator, Global styles, Default style, and voila
33- finish reading data inside old smartboard
35- update rspini with a new additional mode that make the data readable and editable
36- the new site for counters -) looks stable, replace the old code with this one
37- the new homepage
39- add to the long list of mirrors
40- never forget Angelfire
41- each week test for ftp at svansa1
42- FireFTP, firefox ftp client
44- remove missing pics from main.html
45- update uncrustify on the projects or remove it



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  1. arabcoder Says:

    This is my todo list, read to see whether your demands are being processed

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